Many people start their home buying process backwards. That is, they start looking at homes they may buy BEFORE they have sold their existing home. This is a BIG MISTAKE unless you fall into one of the following categories:

  1.     You can afford to own both homes for a period of time.
  2.     You are looking for a home that is so unusual or overpriced, that the seller will be grateful for your interest and be willing to work with you. In exchange for a full price, they will wait until you sell your existing home, before you follow through and buy their home.

I’m going to share some tough love with you!

In most circumstances you would be well advised to sell your home first and here’s why:

1. You Have Nothing to Offer a Seller

Sellers of the most attractive opportunities i.e. ‘cream puff’ homes or discounted homes will not be interested in contracting with you on a ‘subject to sale of existing home basis’. They don’t have to. There is ALWAYS a better buyer who is ready to close quickly and without complications. 

2.  You Have No Leverage

Are you hoping to find your dream home and get a discount off the price? In the unlikely event a seller is willing to entertain your offer, you won’t get a contract with a big discount AND have it subject to the sale of your home. Some sellers may be willing to work with you provided you agree to pay MORE than their asking price.

 3.  You Will Be Stressed

How will you feel if you keep finding homes you love and someone else buys them before you are ready to submit an offer?

4.    You Have No Certainty

You have no real idea where you stand financially or timewise until your home is sold. Get your home under a firm contract BEFORE you start to look. If you do it this way, you have 2 things going for you. First, you know how much money you can spend. Second, you know when you can move into your new home. Sellers will appreciate this and will take your offer far more seriously. They may even offer you a discount!

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