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Unlike the home listing side of our industry, getting hired to work with buyers can be incredibly straightforward, if you understand the process.

A home seller will likely interview 3 to 5 different agents and really grill them in terms of what value they bring to the table.

How many REALTORS® does the average home buyer interview (based on studies)? Just 2!

That means you have a 50% chance of getting hired every time you meet a potential home buyer.

What are the 3 things most home buyers will judge you on?

  1. Did you show up? (online, over the phone and in person)
  2. Do they like you?
  3. Can they trust you?

We also know that most people choose a service provider based on 3 underlying values and sometimes they combine.


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We are pleased to welcome Aaron Mathes to our 2021 Advisor team. Aaron is a particularly driven individual and he is looking forward to serving you.

Aaron is an ambitious self-starter with an all or nothing mind frame. He believes honesty, integrity and hard work are the keys to living a fulfilling life personally and professionally. His work ethic is derived from extensive experience in the oilfield and civil construction industries. Whether you are a new home buyer or an experienced investor, Aaron has the right set of tools to assist you in making the process go as smoothly as possible. 

About the author:

You can read more about the author of this blog by clicking this link – Stuart Neal Broker Owner & REALTOR®

Want more information…

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Your first 2 years could be tough.

I am in the process of building a rolling study to follow the careers of many new REALTORS® here in the Edmonton and area marketplace. My early observations would be:

  1. Most new REALTORS® have no plan
  2. Most new REALTORS® have no budget
  3. Most new REALTORS® do NOT have enough contacts in their database

Let us deal with the third observation. Just how many contacts do you need?

Let’s assume your goal was to create 15 transactions per year.

Let’s apply the 80/20 rule, (also called the Pareto Principle). This rule suggests that you will get your clients from 20% of your database. The other 80% goes to waste. This means that you will need 75 good quality contacts in your database.

Question. If you…

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I’ve noticed that home buyers typically demonstrate recognizable negotiation styles when attempting to purchase a home. Sometimes your buyers will use one style throughout the process. Or they may switch things up a bit. They might favour one particular style, but become a bit of a nibbler at the end.

When you are guiding clients, see if you can recognize their style. Here are the 5 behavioral styes.

1.  Win / Lose

Usually this means that they win and the other party i.e., the home seller loses. You will recognize this style if your client shows a blatant disregard for the objectives, aspirations, feelings or concerns of the home sellers. These folks might be described as predatory and they will show special interest in for sale by owners,…

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1.  Large or Small Brokerage?

In my opinion, a big brokerage favours the broker i.e. the broker is only running a large cash flow machine and is simply making money off lots of agents. The larger the brokerage, the more impersonal it is and the more likely you are just going to be a number. It would be natural to assume that the more REALTORS® in the office the more help you might get. The opposite is true. Other REALTORS® in a large brokerage are your competitors. In most cases, you will be left to fend for yourself. It’s the culture of larger brokerages.

A small brokerage on the other hand is likely to have a definite ‘feel’ or culture. In some cases you will be treated ike a partner. If you can find a brokerage that has the right culture and…

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Perhaps you have always dreamed about a career in real estate.

Perhaps you have already worked your way through the licensing program & you are looking for ways to enter the industry.

Unfortunately, most newly minted REALTORS® & almost everyone who are in the “this looks like a good career for me” stage of their research, have NO clue how to be successful ,or how to build a lasting career in the real estate industry

Most Brokers will let you believe what you want.

From the outside, our industry can seem exciting. Intoxicating even. Especially if you have watched any of the realty TV or Netflix shows like Selling New York or Selling Sunset. Most brokers here in the Edmonton area will talk about how much money you can make. How much freedom…

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One of the Home Buyer Advisors on my team came to me this past week and asked what I thought was a really good question.

How do I get my clients to avoid low ball offers?

Whilst its true that during the first part of the Covid 19 pandemic, our market values did drop, they have risen steadily since March and April to a point where they are now 2% HIGHER than this time last year.

And with falling inventories as the half hearted home sellers give up during the last 4 months of the year, against the back drop of strong demand from what I call the “we want to be in by Christmas crowd” I expect home prices to remain strong for the balance of the year and we may even see a peak during the last 3 months which I have witnessed occurs every year in our…

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Want to be a successful and professional REALTOR®?

Remember these 5 rules and you won’t go far wrong:

1.  Show Up

The real estate business is a contact sport. Potential home buyers and home sellers expect you to be proactive when it comes to serving them, advising them and asking for their business. You will find that there is a direct relationship between your willingness to reach out, to serve, ask for commitment and your success.

2. Pay Attention

Clients expect you to pay attention and to show them that you are listening to them. When they share information take notes, challenge them if you don’t quite understand what they are saying or if you can see that they are making false assumptions. By helping clients change an incorrectly…

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1. Earn Your Real Estate License. Working as a REALTOR® in the re-sale market (used homes) and assisting buyers who wish to purchase from builders is regulated in Alberta and you must be licensed.

There is a number of steps to this process.

a. You will need to check that you are eligible to be licensed with RECA (Real Estate Council of Alberta).

b. You will need to complete your studies. At the current time RECA provides all training. As of this moment there is 3 modules you must complete to be eligible to trade in residential real estate. Most folks can get this done in 3 to 6 months if they really work har

c. You must pass an exam to test your knowledge. At the present moment, RECA allows student 18 months to get to this stage.

2. You…

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What Do Many People Think the Job is About?

Many people we talk to want to get into real estate for 4 keys reasons:

  1.     They like looking at homes & think it could be so much fun to go shopping every day
  2.     They have an interest in design or architecture
  3.     They see it as quick & easy money
  4.     They are highly individualistic, & they want to be in charge of their own destiny

What the Job is Really About

  1.     Finding & identifying people who require your services
  2.     Developing relationships with people
  3.     Providing people with information, insight, expert advice & confidence to make decisions
  4.     Long hours & you might often be expected to work at times when most people want to be off work

The Benefits of…

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