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Are you like many Albertans that dream of living somewhere else after retirement? Popular destinations include the Okanagan, Vancouver Island, the Sunshine coast or perhaps Arizona. Where else do Albertans like to go?

Before you leap it might be a good idea to look at the bigger picture and consider what such a move would actually mean to many facets of your life. For example.

1.  Consider the cost of living. Food, heating and water plus the cost of accommodation might cost you more or less than your current situation. If it costs less it could be a no brainer. What if it costs more? Can you afford to live in a more expensive area?

2.  Consider your quality of life. Many people want to enjoy mild winters, sea air and perhaps a view. All good

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2 Ways To Downsize

There is essentially 2 ways to downsize. Spatial and Financial. Sometimes it might be a combination of both. Sometimes people downsize spatially and upsize financially.

Spatial downsizing is easily the most popular choice many of our clients make. After rattling around in the former family home for a few years it makes sense to move into something smaller. The upside to this move is of course less time spent cleaning. The downside is that this sometimes means less personal space for couples in particular.

Financial downsizing means simply reducing overhead. A smaller space often means lower heating bills, fewer maintenance bills and in some cases lower property taxes.

What Do Your Spatial Options Look Like?

To achieve a spatial downsize

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According to one study in the United States more than 90% of older folks would prefer to stay in their home as they age. And this is perfectly understandable. However, fewer people actually do the research to confirm that the home can be adapted to suit or that they can afford the make the changes, maintain the home and perhaps buy in special services when required.

Here some ideas you may wish to consider:

  1. Is the home suitable? Are you near key services for example healthcare, public transportation or shopping? What about the stairs? Is the home in a good state of repair? Can you clear the snow and do the yard work?

  2. Bathroom. Can you still use the tub? Do you need to install a walk-in tub or shower? Can you add support rails

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Whilst many of our clients face the need to downsize, I would estimate that probably more people push away the decision for as long as they can and some cases forever. If I had a dollar for every senior that said to me “I’m never moving. They can carry me out in a box” I would be a very rich man.

1.  Deterioration of Health

Many physical issues for example breaking a hip (very common) after a fall can be sudden. So can a heart attack or a stroke. Other issues like arthritis and rheumatism can develop over time. Most mind-based issues such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease creep up on a person until one day that person can no longer live in their home.

2.  Too Many Things to Worry About

Perhaps all it takes is one big snow fall and you no

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In general, there is going to be some benefit to making a move. There will also be some drawbacks. Let’s examine this.

Pros to Moving

  1. You get an opportunity to lose the stairs in your home & perhaps all of the yardwork & snow clearing

  2. You have a chance to free up your equity for other things

  3. You can move nearer to your family

  4. You can travel

  5. Perhaps you can move to a safer or quieter area

Cons to Moving

  1. You may have to get used to a smaller living space

  2. You may have to give up some of your (unused) possessions

  3. You may have to find new service providers i.e. hairdresser, doctor etc.

  4. You may have to say goodbye to your neighbours

  5. Moving can be stressful

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About the author:

Stuart Neal is an accredited Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES®). Many of his clients are downsizers. You can read more about the author of this blog by clicking this link – Stuart Neal Broker Owner & REALTOR®

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In my last blog To Move or Not we looked at some general questions you might want to ask yourself.

This time around we encourage you to ask a few more pointed questions to see where this might lead you. Here they are:

  1. Have you or your loved one been involved in a fall recently? If you live in the Edmonton area as I do, this is not only a worry it’s a distinct possibility for about 5 months of the year.

  2. Are you finding it harder to bathe or use the bathroom facilities?

  3. Are you becoming more worried about being alone in the house and having in accident or a health issue of some kind for example a heart attack or perhaps fainting?

  4. Are you worried about the onset of mental or physical deficiencies for example:

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Inevitably we all move. For people that have lived in their home for many years this decision become even more daunting as the years roll by.

Here is a list of simple questions that can be asked.

  1. Is there financial stress caused by living in your existing home?

  2. Is looking after the home and the yard becoming more a chore than a joy?

  3. Is the home in need of major outside or inside maintenance and updating?

  4. Are you rattling around in a large home and using less and less space for actual living?

  5. What about the stairs. Are they a bother?

  6. Has the quality of your neighbourhood changed? Is it better or worse than when you moved in?

  7. Does the location of your current home allow you to access the

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If you are in the early stages of contemplating a home move and downsizing, this forum is a must. You will be able to attend a number of workshops and stroll through the trade show where you can meet all kinds of service providers from: home meal delivery, de-cluttering experts, real estate brokers and assisting living companies.

If you go, please stop and meet us. We are at Table 27. I will be there (Stuart Neal broker owner) and so will one of our best advisors, Stevi Lashley.

For my bio click here: Stuart Neal

For Stevi’s bio click here: Stevi Lashley

For more information, please click on this link and register: SAGE Housing Forum 2019 

About the author:

Stuart Neal is an accredited Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES®). Many of

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Many of our clients are downsizers. One of the options that we suggest to our clients as they seek to simplify their lives, leave home maintenance behind and in some cases reduce costs, is to move into a condominium and to sell their single-family home.

One of the interesting phenomena I have noticed is the aversion that many clients have to selecting a ground floor condo unit. The overriding fear seems to be that ground floor condo units are more susceptible to crime and in particular burglary. I have never seen any evidence that this fear is grounded in reality. For sure some areas of Edmonton, St Albert and Sherwood Park may be more prone to crime than others and its possible to review crime stats by area online. It’s a good idea to compare

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