The 5 Rules of Ninja Selling

Posted by Stuart Neal on Tuesday, October 13th, 2020 at 1:22pm.

The professionals at our brokerage strive to follow these rules every day. We don’t always succeed, but we re focus & re focus with the aim to be continually better.

Let’s talk about each in detail:

1. Show up.

Being with your clients physically, over the phone, or perhaps via text or emails is step one. Clients are looking for your guidance. Each client you take on becomes your responsibility. Serve them.

2. Pay attention – listen to your customer.

When you are with your clients listen. Don’t get distracted. Don’t take calls from other clients. Don’t text other clients. Look your client in the eye & demonstrate for that moment, they are the centre of your world. Some communication from them will be direct. At other times it be more oblique & could be verbal or delivered to you via body language. Be alert & if you pick up on something you don’t understand question & test your understanding.

3. Tell the truth & keep your commitments.

Most of us are not going to tell blatant lies, but we can still let our clients down in other ways. For example, if you commit to meet them at 3 pm don’t be late. If you promise to email something or call on a certain day, make sure you do. We can disappoint our clients in all kinds of subtle ways if we are not careful.

4. Create value for your customers.

Most clients you work with have far less experience in selling or buying homes than you do. They might not always realize it, but they need your to help them make smart informed choices. Every time you interact with a client, look for ways to share insights or do something that will help them to move toward their goals.

5. Don’t get attached to the outcome.

Never take things for granted & never think about situations from your perspective & in particular about your commission. If you do, your clients will almost be able to ‘smell the self interest’ on you. Always put clients first. If things don’t go to plan, re group & look for other ways to serve your client. 

At this brokerage & amongst our team we follow the thinking Larry Kendall founder of The Ninja Selling real estate system. The name is a misnomer in my opinion. It’s less about selling & more about doing the right thing & building relationships. For more information click on this link about Larry Kendall or call me personally.

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