Want to be a successful and professional REALTOR®?

Remember these 5 rules and you won’t go far wrong:

1.  Show Up

The real estate business is a contact sport. Potential home buyers and home sellers expect you to be proactive when it comes to serving them, advising them and asking for their business. You will find that there is a direct relationship between your willingness to reach out, to serve, ask for commitment and your success.

2. Pay Attention

Clients expect you to pay attention and to show them that you are listening to them. When they share information take notes, challenge them if you don’t quite understand what they are saying or if you can see that they are making false assumptions. By helping clients change an incorrectly held view or by sharing information that will help them make an informed decision, you are adding value.

3. Tell the Truth & Keep Your Commitments

This one should be easy to do and is expected in all cases. Always tell the truth, even if you know it may test your relationship with your clients. When you say you are going to call them at a certain time on a certain day make sure you do. When you agree to meet them at a listing so that you can show it, be on time, or even better, get there first and a little bit early.

4. Add Value to Your Clients Experience

The internet is a wonderful resource and most people feel that they can find out exactly what they want at any time. The modern real estate advisor adds value by helping clients sift and sort through the vast amounts of data so they can fully understand it, discard mis-information and make sensible informed choices.

5. Don’t Get Attached to the Outcome

Your job is to guide and advise. Some clients will listen and follow your lead. Others will discard your advice and make choices that to you may seem bizarre and perhaps foolish. If this happens just let it go. You are not there to make decisions for your clients. You are there to support, guide and advise. In all cases make sure you document your discussions with your clients, so that in the event things don’t go the way they expected, you can protect yourself just in case they decide to try and pin the blame on you.

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