Selling a home is an emotional roller coaster. If your home sells quickly, then your most likely response will be one of elation and relief. In some cases you may question the value received for the commissions you paid out to your REALTOR®, especially if you chose to work with an expensive traditional REALTOR®.

But what happens if your home does not sell right away?

Providing you chose your REALTOR® and brokerage wisely (go here for tips on selecting a REALTOR®) you are in good hands and your selling success is just a few important decisions away.

However, you will face a series of emotions. After helping hundreds of home sellers along the way, (see our testimonials page) we have watched them go through a ladder of emotions. You may find yourself going up and back down this ladder of emotions.*

SHOCK – Your house has been on the market for a few days, weeks or months now. You may have had some showings, but no offers. You are stunned.

DENIAL – You let things ride for a few days or weeks. You are certain that your buyer is ‘just around the corner’ or that the market is just about to improve.

ANNOYANCE – It’s at this stage you start to doubt yourself, the market and perhaps your choice of REALTOR®. It’s at this stage you are likely to ask your REALTOR® about their marketing practices. If you are a more traditional person, you may ask about Open Houses and newspaper advertising. At the time of writing there is  5 Ways to Find a Buyer for Your Home. If you have chosen a REALTOR® that understands where a buyer’s eyeballs really are, you do not have an exposure issue. You have a positioning issue.

BARGAINING – Perhaps you value your home more than the market does? You will start to look for solutions. Perhaps you will need to make some changes. It’s not always about price, although it’s important not to make these classic pricing mistakes. At this brokerage, we work through an 8 Point Check List to ensure your home is positioned for success.

DEJECTION – You are not going to feel very good about anything at this stage. It’s taking longer to sell. Perhaps the dream home you had picked out to buy, has now been sold and perhaps you are looking at less equity than you had hoped to get out of your home.

EXPERIMENTATION – When you reach this point you will become more success oriented. You will ask your REALTOR® for advice and input. Price selection is crucial. Please contact us for advice.

ACCEPTANCE – Once you make the right decisions, the universe will work with you. The market will respond, you will get offers and you will sell your home. There is a market for every home at any time of the year. You just have to find that market. Read our blog for the latest monthly reports

* Based on the original Kubler-Ross model with some original changes added.

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