Winning your dream home in a multiple offer situation requires experience and proven approach. Read this blog to learn how the Ambergate Realty Advisors team does it…

5 Ways to Win Your Dream Home in a Multiple Offer Situation

In the competitive hot spring market of 2024, lacking a proven strategy to succeed in multiple offer situations can lead to recurring disappointment and concern. Our team has crafted a meticulous 5-step method to bolster your offer's chances of triumph. Here's an overview of our process. We encourage you to discuss this approach with your REALTOR® to ensure a successful outcome.

1. Forge a Relationship with the Listing Agent:

It's surprising how many REALTORS® overlook this pivotal step. Instead of simply submitting an offer based on client instructions, your REALTOR®  should take the initiative to establish rapport with the listing agent. Building this connection can set your offer apart and foster trust, significantly enhancing its prospects.

2. Strive for Alignment:

A successful sale often hinges on three key factors: the possession date, included fixtures and fittings, and the price. Urge your REALTOR®  to delve deep into the seller's preferences. The closer your offer aligns with their needs, the greater the likelihood of success.

3. Personal Presentation and a Heartfelt Letter:

In the past, offers were commonly presented in person, offering a chance to make a personal connection. While email offers are now standard, pushing for an in-person presentation can make a significant difference. Additionally, crafting a sincere letter expressing your family's connection to the home can tug at the seller's emotions, potentially tipping the scales in your favor.

4. Simplicity is Key:

Simplifying your offer can streamline the process and make it more appealing to sellers in a hot market. While contingencies are typically part of an offer, consider discussing with your REALTOR®  the option to waive some in order to increase attractiveness. However, it's crucial to weigh the associated risks and benefits with your REALTOR® .

5. Offer an Intriguing Price:

In multiple offer scenarios, bids often exceed the asking price. Therefore, offering less than or exactly the asking price may not suffice. Consider presenting a price slightly above the asking amount, perhaps with an interesting and attention-grabbing "odd" number. For instance, offering $400,275 instead of a rounded figure can pique the seller's curiosity and set your offer apart from the rest.

In the hot spring market of 2024 if your REALTOR®  does not have a proven strategy to win in a multiple offer situation you face recurring disappointment and worry.

Our team has developed a 5 step method to ensure your offer enjoys the highest chance of success. Here is an overview of our process. Please discuss this approach with your REALTOR®  to ensure success.

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