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Cumberland in the northern part of Edmonton is a family friendly community. Homes are well priced. Great schools, shopping and public transportation are all close by. We are please to present this wonderful Bi-Level home for sale. Click on this link to read the details.

To see ALL homes for sale in Cumberland click on this link: ALL Cumberland Homes for Sale.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Home in January Ambergate Realty Advisors

Don’t be like most home buyers and wait until the Spring. If you think outside of the box you may benefit in a number of ways. Heres why:

1.  Less Competition

How would you feel if you wait until Spring to find your dream home only to have it snatched away by a competing buyer? Don’t believe all that you hear about our market. The best homes still get snatched up quickly and with multiple offers. Consider being one of the fewer buyers looking now or wait until Spring and join the crowd.

If you buy a home now you will enjoy the strong possibility of being the only buyer negotiating. This gives you leverage you will not enjoy in the Spring.

2.  Lower Prices

Sales prices tend to track lower during January and February. The quickly escalate

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Amy and Doug owned this Blackmud Creek home for a number of years whilst their children were growing up. It offered them many happy memories but now that the children had moved away, they chose to purchase a more ‘age friendly’ bungalow. Amy and Doug tried a discount REALTOR® first. The home languished on the market for many months and their discount REALTOR® was unsuccessful in finding any suitable buyers.

Amy and Doug realized they needed to find a REALTOR® that knew how to advertise in all of the best places including social media and to ensure no stone was left unturned. However, they also objected to paying traditional and what they felt was expensive commissions. After researching the market, they chose the flat fee program

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Lyle had plans to build a log home in the foothills. The market had not been kind since he purchased this home and renovated it. Lyle knew he needed to find a real estate brokerage that could sell the home for full market value and potentially save him some money in real estate commissions. The flat fee program offered by Ambergate Realty Advisors was the obvious choice.


After a reasonable period of time we found a good quality buyer that could offer Lyle his possession date and whom was willing to pay full market value. We helped Lyle release the equity from his home and now his new log home is well under way.

You can read more about the author of this blog by clicking this link – Stuart Neal Broker Owner & REALTOR®.

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Diana had arranged to move into a brand-new life lease complex offered by Christensen Developments on the west side of Edmonton. Diana knew that the current market for selling condos was tough when she started to look for a REALTOR® to help her sell. Diana was referred to us by some other clients for whom we sold a unit in this building last year. She also wanted to save some money on commissions if she could. After doing some research Diana decided that the flat fee program offered by Ambergate Realty Advisors was the best choice.


After some time and after receiving a few unacceptable offers we identified a strong cash buyer. On behalf of Diana we negotiated market value and obtained her ideal possession date. Diana is now

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South Terwillegar in the southwest segment of Edmonton is a popular family-oriented community and we especially pleased to present this wonderful home for sale. To read all the details please click this link: For Sale 6144 Stinson Way Edmonton. 

To see ALL homes for sale in South Terwillegar please click on this link: All South Terwillegar Homes for Sale.

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Thinking of selling your home, but want to wait until Spring? We urge you to think again…

1. Demand is Constant

You might be thinking that nobody wants to a buy a home during the cold winter months here in metro Edmonton. If you think this, you would be mistaken. For example, based on the sales stats for the winter of 2018 and 2019 more than 2000 homes will sell across metro Edmonton between December 1st through to the end of February.

You must never forget that ‘life’ happens to real estate. People marry, divorce, have children or simply get jobs in other places. There is ALWAYS people wanting to purchase a good quality home. Is your home market ready? Go to our blog and learn about the 8 Keys of Home Selling Success to find out.

2. You

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We are very pleased to offer this lovey home in Cherry Grove Lane in the community of Ozerna for sale. This one is an end unit and features a double garage. To see the details please click on this link: Unit 28 6608 158 Ave Edmonton.

To see ALL town homes in Ozerna currently for sale click this link: ALL Ozerna Townhomes for sale.

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DOWNSIZING NUMBER 999 or so: The saga continues. Downsizing is an ongoing, if sometimes sad, exercise: the six foot tall Christmas tree has been downsized to a four-footer; it will be interesting to see how ‘those chosen to help decorate, in the form of up to six females’, will handle the smaller tree! It will prove to be interesting. A granddaughter and her husband have latched on to the clothes horse treadmill, in the basement. It should be gone soon.

As an aside, one would think there would be dozens of takers for a [free] treadmill among family and youth oriented organizations...not so... telephone calls made, emails were sent to all and we were grateful when our granddaughter stepped up to the plate....the treadmill was

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It seems now that I have one, every other vehicle has that familiar handicap sticker hanging from its rear-view mirror stem! And now every handicap parking spot seems to be full. Just kidding; everything is normal. 

What a great idea it is, this recognizing the fact some of us are just not as nimble as we once were, or, perhaps it’s our partner, in that unfortunate state.

It is almost a worldwide offering to handicapped persons. Canada, USA, UK, Europe and Oceania are some of the countries on board. Regulations vary from country to country, but the emblem [shown above] is pretty constant. Penalties also vary. In the UK a £1000.00 [$1700.00] fine can be levied for abusing the usage of the handicap offering. 

Here in Edmonton, Canada the

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